LEDScape round and square marker lights are a great way to add artistic light or to guide traffic. These lights look great in pedestrian area, but are also drive over rated and extremely resistant to impact, and weather, both cold and hot. If somehow the fixture itself is damaged, the module can be replaced in the field without digging up the surrounding area.

Do you work with a transit agency or rail engineering company? We are searching for a partner to install a Rail Light test section. We will provide several samples free of charge to be installed at a rail facility. This facility can be freight, passenger, light rail or any other rail facility. If you work with an agency or company that would like to work with us on this test section please email

LEDScape Flex Neon is a versatile flexible LED strip available in colors ranging from 2400-6500K, tunable white, and RGB/RGBW. Choose from top or side bending variants, and up to IP67 field installed connectors or IP68 mirror welded factory installed connectors. Installation using standard straight, recessed, or bendable channel only and straight or angled connectors add to the versatility of this highly adaptable strip.