LEDScape Indoor and Outdoor Strip Lighting

The LEDScape strip is a high-quality, flexible LED strip with a unique co-extrusion technology. The combination of high quality and exceptional flexibility, allows for an endless range of indoor and outdoor applications. Available in various luminous intensities and colors.

  •  Up to 33 lm/FT

  • 2400K-6500K

  • IP68-IP69K

  • Top Bending

  • Side Bending

 Diffused Strip

Flex Strip


  • Up to 310 lm/ft
  • 2400K-6500K

  • RGB -Tunable White

  • IP40/IP68

  • 120° symmetric ( Top)

  • 55° asymmetric (Side)

Flex Neon


  • up to 150 lm/ft

  • 2400K-6000K

  • IP68

  • Top or Side  Flexible

  • 6.9 in radius

  •  Up to 1126 lm/FT

  • 2400K-6500K 

  • RGB(W)

  • Tuneable White

  • IP20/Indoor Only

LEDScape  flex and diffused strip are available in 2400-6500K, provide up to  310  lm/foot  for flex and 33 lm/ft for diffuse.  LEDScape PCB  is available  in 2400-6500K,  RGB, RGBW, or Tuneable White. LEDScape Flex Neon is IP68 rated, available in top or side bending, 2400-6000K, and costs only a faction of traditional neon. The LEDScape line of LED strips provides exceptional flexibility allowing an endless range of indoor and outdoor lighting applications. Excellent for cove lighting, signage, backlighting and all architectural designs. Extrusions available for direct viewing applications.