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How to price LED Handrail

At LEDScape, we believe we offer the best LED handrail on the market. We offer both round, and square handrail, as well as guardrail and all types on infill. Our two round shapes are ADA compliant, as is one of our square shapes, and our handrail is all made from stainless steel. It's a bonus that we are at a competitive price to boot. You are likely well aware that supply costs including raw materials, labor, and shipping have gone up across our industry and many others. This has made it difficult to forecast our costs and and pricing along an extended timeline. For this reason, any handrail quote is good for only 30 days, and a 50% prepayment will allow us to begin drawings and hold the price for 60 days. All field measurements must be received and drawings approved within 60 days of any prepayment, otherwise, the pricing may need to be adjusted.

How to request a quote:

  • Allow time. Handrail and handrail quotes can be complex; therefore, they take time. The amount of time it takes depends on many factors, but handrail quotes typically take anywhere from 3-7 business days.

  • Complete drawings are a must. Handrail is complex and cannot accurately be quoted as a per foot price. For example, we recently quoted two opportunities with a similar footage of LED handrail, yet one of them was almost 150% of the other on a per foot basis. Factors such as run lengths, returns to wall, guardrail, or floor, as well as extensions, elevation changes, corners, and turns all contribute to the price of handrail.

  • Remember, handrail detail may not be on the lighting drawings. Very often, when we are sent lighting plans without handrail detail, and little information other than run lengths and told “This is all we have”. In nearly all of those circumstances there are additional details somewhere in the architectural drawings. We ask that you request a handrail detail if not provided by the contractor or distributor. If we are not provided with this detail, quotes will only be based on the information we have at the time, which may vary drastically the final product and quote.

  • Provide Run Lengths. In addition to the drawings, please provide the run lengths for each run of handrail. If there are more than 5 runs, please mark up the architectural drawings to note the handrail locations and lengths.

Once we receive all the required information, we can begin work on your quote. Remember that a quote typically takes from 3-7 business days, and then the quote will be good for 30 days. Due to the fluctuating costs of materials and shipping, quotes over 30 days may need to be reexamined, and the deposit does not hold the price for more than 60 additional days. Production approval including signed off drawings must be received within 60 days of the deposit, otherwise pricing may be adjusted to reflect market forces. Have questions about handrail or anything else? Simply email us at and someone from our sales team will get back with you.

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