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RailLight: True Innovation

Innovative: The word innovative is often overused, frequently brought out to describe a product that as been only slightly altered from and existing one. But the RailLight is an entirely new product that is changing the way we light rail yards. RailLight was originally developed for the Dutch national railway ( Pro Rail) in order to improve worker safety. RailLight does just that by putting the light exactly where it is required for safe walking in the yard: on the ground. But RailLight provides many more advantages. By keeping the light low to the ground, light pollution is significantly reduced, improving relations with neighboring residents and businesses. The cost to install RailLight is as much as 70% less than traditional rail yard lighting such as portal, pole, or span wire lighting. Installation requires no heavy equipment, and can often be done without shutting down nearby rails. The LEDs in the RailLight last for 15,000 hours and can be white or RGBW, allowing the RailLight to provide additional signaling to workers, or users of passenger trains. Want more information about RailLight? Give us a call at 833-546-4533 or email us:

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