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Power Supplies and Controls

We supply complete systems that include power supplies and controls, bit leave the DMX commissioning to others.   Our all in one power supplies and our combination   power supply/ DMX driver combos helps keep things simple and can also reduce cost.

Power Supplies 

3 in one 24 volts power supply

Non-Dim & 0-10V Dimming and Magnetic Dimming all in  one

LED Power Supply 24V DC
Input 120/277

DMX Drivers & Tunable White

Combination Power Supply +DMX Driver- Indoor 
512 DMX Decoder + 60/100/140 watts  power supply 
  120/27  input
24V DC output


Tunable White Dimmer  
0-10V, 2000K to 8000K

LED Tunable Dimmer 24V DC

Warm Dimming Module  
0-10V, Dim to Warm

LED Tunable Dimmer 24V DC

DMX Drivers
512 DMX Decoder 

LED DMX Decoder 24V DC


Professional DMX Controller 
512 DMX Controller 

LED DMX Controller 24V DC

Basic DMX Controller  
Simple DMX Controls 

LED DMX Controller 24V DC

Remote DMX Controller  
512 DMX Controller

LED DMX Controller 24V DC

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