Cabinet Lighting


Cabinet Lighting

The LEDScape cabinet is great for commercial, industrial and Retail applications where under lighting is required. 

  • 110/lm/Watt

  • Dimmable

  • 3000-5000K

  • 1 ft -8 ft  lengths

  • Linkable

Under Cabinet

The LEDScape under cabinet is great for commercial, industrial, retail and residential applications.

  • 440lm/ft

  • Dimmable

  • 2700-6000K

  • 1ft -4 ft lengths

  • Linkable

  • 120/277 Integral Power

  • Rocker Switch



This magnetically connected fixture maintains a fluid glow with uniformity and high intensity. The UC36 is a cost-effective solution in accent, cove and under counter illumination up to 48 inches long.